Voice-Activated Printers

Xerox now offers a new voice-recognition program for use with its multifunction printers. Gabi Voice allows you to give commands to your printer without having to leave your desk or sort through menus on the printer screen. This new office technology has many benefits including the promotion of productivity in the workplace and can be installed with a simple DIY process.

How it Works

Gabi Voice uses the wake-word, “Gabi” to activate the voice-recognition system. Once the wake-up word is spoken, the user can say a command and the printer will follow through with the request. This is especially useful for employees who are blind or disabled in some way that makes using the print screen difficult. This new print technology works on the Xerox AltaLink Color Multifunction printer.

Secure Data

This new office technology has numerous security features to keep your information safe. The printer technology offers:

  • Encrypted data storage.
  • Automatic updates that keep software secure.
  • Only pre-programmed functions to stop hackers from manipulating the software and accessing sensitive information.

This new and improved office technology allows you to give your printer multiple commands without the hassle of making an extra trip to the printer. This is just one of the new systems offered with the Xerox multifunction printer that is here to make your life easier and more productive.