The Surprising Benefits of Multifunction Printers in Accounting

The Surprising Benefits of Multifunction Printers in Accounting

It’s no secret that printer and multifunction copier control plays a major part in cost control and reduction. Did you know, though, that you can integrate the power of printer and copier accounting directly into your devices? With various accounting tools and technologies, you can restrict your printers and copiers to ensure effective cost tracking, control, and management.

Billing and Tracking

There are a number of ways to integrate device tracking and accounting into your multifunction printers, from built-in software to external devices. Those methods include:

  • External or third-party auxiliary access devices, attached using an auxiliary interface kit
  • Auditron, a built-in function of a wide range of multifunction printers and copiers restricting access by personal numeric passwords and allowing detailed usage tracking
  • Network accounting, a function providing extensive cost analysis across multiple print, scan, and fax job types
  • Xerox Standard Accounting, a user-based method for tracking that allows restrictions and analysis by user ID

Which Solution is Right for You?

Depending on your existing printers and copiers, you may have a number of options for selecting the best accounting technology for you. Many come with built-in solutions, but others may work better with third-party integration depending on their make and model. Evaluate the capabilities of your specific devices to determine the ideal method for printer accounting, cost tracking, and analysis.