How A Global Print Drive Can Improve Office Productivity

If your company operates on a large printer network, it is often a top priority to ensure printer accessibility, connectivity, and security. To improve your employees’ customer experience with your network, transitioning to a global print driver can come with several benefits for productivity and efficiency.

Reduced Training Time

When all of your network devises can seamlessly connect to a single print drive, it can save several hours of training in your IT department. Devote more time to work and data flow than to setup operations.


A global print driver can be pre-configured with company standards. From password protected print jobs, to output color and stapling, you can efficiently maintain consistency across the network.

Real-Time Feedback

When a printer runs out of ink or paper is jammed, all devises can be synchronized with real-time updates. Anytime an employee needs to print, he or she knows the current status of the machine.

Automated Updates

With all devises linked to the global print drive network, software updates can happen automatically, regularly, and efficiently. Your IT department does not need to go around to each machine to configure manual updates.

Integrated User Experience

When you choose a print network that is compatible with the software your corporate devises already use, syncing apps and documents becomes even more easier. This further increases efficiency across the office.

Choosing a print network isn’t just about paper, ink, and toner. It’s also about customer experience. With these benefits of automation and integration, a global print drive can significantly improve employee productivity.