How Does AI Benefit The Print Industry?

With the use of AI, printing organizations can automate their operations, eliminate bottlenecks and get work done faster. As a result of this level of automation, team members can be used to complete tasks that are more strategic in nature. Here are five examples where AI can benefit your company.

  • Layout optimization: Newer AI software comes with algorithms that allow for printers to automatically determine the best layout for each document.
  • Marketing customization: As more information is known about a mail recipient, the printer can use the data to customize catalogs and flyers.
  • Availability monitoring: AI can monitor printers to identify those that are busy and in real-time adjust the process flow to forward jobs to the printers that are available.
  • Error monitoring: AI print technology can allow printers to monitor themselves and make real-time adjustments to processes for errors such as paper alignment and image quality.
  • Predictive analytics: AI software can gather, mine and share performance data with resources who can use that information to determine when software updates and fixes are needed. As the technology progresses, it will be possible to make these fixes ahead of time.

With the help of AI, print jobs, hardware and software fixes can all be streamlined. Basic and complex printing jobs can be automated, freeing up your team for other activities.