Digitization and Its Effects on Sustainability

Sustainability efforts remain a major topic in industry, especially for mid-sized and large enterprises that have significantly larger footprints. Traditionally, a notable aspect of this was paper consumption for document management, but the trend towards digitization has mitigated this considerably. Even so, print is not dead, and organizations have a responsibility to manage their print and paper solutions smartly to truly go green.

Going Beyond Traditional Recycling

The main options for organizations to pursue sustainable printing and paper management up to this point have been to use recycled paper or to employ chain-of-custody certifications to obtain paper sourced from controlled and certified forests. While feasible for environmental benefits, recycled paper hampers printing quality and CoC certifications make certified paper notably more expensive.

Smarter Paper Management Through Reforestation

PrintReleaf is a new solution to sustainability in paper and printing management for organizations. It is comprised of a software platform and certification system that organizations subscribe to, linked to reforestation measures around the world. The software tracks paper consumption and converts it to forest impact to facilitate automatic reseeding of trees to match that impact; thus, paper consumption is matched directly by reforestation. This simplifies CoC certifications and allows each subscribed organization to contribute to reforestation efforts. Xerox is one such business making use of PrintReleaf, and its Managed Printing Services (MPS) offered to clients also rely on the system.